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Sioux Empire Kennel Club Class Policies

Classes are (4-6) weeks. If you take puppy class then you will qualify for a $5.00 deduction for all classes that you take in subsequent sessions as long as you have no breaks in enrollment.

  • NOTE: If your class is scheduled on Tuesday evening then it will not be held on the second Tuesday of the month as this is our monthly club meeting. Class dates are always subject to change.
  • There must be a minimum of (5) dogs registered to hold a class.
  • Vaccination policies are in the registration forms. Exceptions will only be granted if a letter is provided by the veterinarian. Puppies under the age of (4) months are not required to have a rabies vaccine but must have (2) DHLPP vaccines prior to being admitted to a puppy class to insure protective immunity.
  • If classes are cancelled then it will be announced on the SEKC website or you will be notified by the instructor by phone or email.
  • We do not tolerate abuse, neglect, etc. of dogs (or kids or other people).
  • Dogs are to be kept under control at all times. If the dog makes a mess then it is the responsibility of the handler to clean up the mess (both in class and while waiting for class to begin).
  • Families are encouraged to come along, but are not to be disruptive or play on the equipment. No children are to handle the dog if they are 13 and under unless they demonstrate to the instructor's satisfaction that they can handle the dog.
  • Refund policy: A full refund will be issued in the event of either a handler or dog death, and in the case that the dog is dismissed from class because of aggression and safety issues. A partial refund – pro-rated on the number of classes attended – will be made if either the handler or the dog is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill during the session and is prevented from continuing.
  • If for some reason someone has to drop a class (sickness, etc.) please speak to the instructor.
  • If two classes are taken it is full price for the first class and half-price for the second class. The same costs apply for a person who has two dogs in the same class.
  • Any aggressive dog, or dog who displays aggression, will be evaluated by the Class Coordinator and the instructor. If it is decided that the dog cannot benefit from a class situation then the dog will be dismissed from the class. A partial refund will be given to the handler along with information on contacting a private behaviorist for help specific to the problems of the dog.

• A free class session will be given for each session that is taught by a member.

   a. Example- member teaches or assists for one session of classes can then take a session for free with their own dog.

   b. They must register and provide all the registration information.

   c. They must tell the class coordinator when registering that they are using a free session.

•  Board members get free classes each session.

   a. They must register for class and provide all the vaccination/ registrations information.

   b. They must tell the class coordinator that they are a board member and using a free session.

•  Lifetime members get classes for free.

  a.  They must register and provide all the registration/vaccination information.

  b.  They must let the class coordinator know that they are life time members and are not required to pay.

  c.  Currently the Lifetime Members are Carol Dawley Everetts, Jo Harder and Sylvia Thorstenson.